Application Note

Here provides as much application examples as possible for you to startup easily using our product:

Application Note: Topic: Latest version:
AppNote000 Software Development Notice DC6688_AN000_Rev4.6.pdf
AppNote001 Using Counter A to generate a 38.4KHz carrier frequency DC6688_AN001_272.pdf
AppNote002 Using Port A interrupt to detect key press DC6688_AN002_273.pdf
AppNote003 Use Timer 1 to internally count pulses generated by CounterA DC6688_AN003_274.pdf
AppNote004 Use Timer 0, 1, 2 as counter DC6688_AN004_275.pdf
AppNote005 Design Guide for the clock circuit with a crystal below 1MHz DC6688_AN005_231.pdf
AppNote006 Design Guide for the clock circuit with a crystal above 1MHz on DC6688 Family DC6688_AN006_232.pdf
AppNote008 Remote Control Unit Demonstration DC6688_AN008_Rev2.3.pdf
AppNote009 Serial Communication demonstration DC6688_AN009_277.pdf
AppNote010 Demo program on how to access Data Flash Memory and display the contents of 512B-SRAM in emulator DC6688_AN010_283.pdf
AppNote012 UART 0, UART1 serial communication DC6688_AN012_278.pdf
AppNote014 Demo program on how to interface I2C EEPROM AT24C256B via UART0 DC6688_AN014_279.pdf
AppNote024 Software UART (Receive part) DC6688_AN024_281.pdf
AppNote025 T24 Interval Timer Mode DC6688_AN025_284.pdf
AppNote026 Access Real Time Clock DS1337 using DC6688FSA DC6688_AN026_282.pdf
AppNote027 ISP Programming circuit DC6688_AN027_191.pdf
AppNote039 Create Customer Information file in Factory programming DC6688_AN039_253.pdf
AppNote047 Manage firmware in DC6688FSX for a project DC6688_AN047_435.pdf