The emulator available for customer is DEEMAX 80532-4T

Click here to download the driver and WUIT software (WUIT R4.1.0.3).

A snapshot of hardware is shown here:

A snapshot of software is shown here:

Here is an overview of whole hardware setup:

It comprises of the following parts:

1) Third party In-Circuit Emulator
  Here DEEMAX 80532-4T is used and made by DEEMAX Technologies. Inc.
2) Development board
  DC66XXF developer III board ver3.0 or higher must be used.
  This board is provided by Dragonchip Ltd.
  Support Devices:
    a) DC6688FL32A
3) Customer Target board
  The target board is application dependent and is supposed to be made by customer. An example for remote control application clicks here.
4) PC
  Pentium III: 850MHz or higher

To install the whole system, click the following document for details:

1) User Manual for DC66XXF Developer III board ver3.0

2) Development Tools Setup Guide for Dragonchip Development board