The Assembler/compiler available for customer: Keil

Before proceeding to installation, a troubleshooting list is highlighted and suggested to review.

The recommended stable version: v9.55 (Uv5 evaluation)

A snapshot is shown below:


Keil provides several packages as shown below:

1) A51
This package provides assembly level environment only. It is fundamental for our product.
2) CA51
This package provides c-language and assembly level environment. Those who want to use c-language to develop the firmware are recommended.
3) PK51
This package provides debugger function. These function, as compared to emulator, cannot emulate the real situation.

To start with the source code, it is recommended to use software "Source Code Template". It can download from emulator website.

This useful tool can help generate Keil Projects Templates for various DC6688 products with all necessary project settings (including header files) for using emulator.

By using this tool, user can either start the development with the generated source code template or compare the project settings with the existing Keil project.