Application Note

Here provides as much application examples as possible for you to startup easily using our product:

In order to apply the Application Note in DC6688FLB,

1) replace header files in folder 'Register' in the application note's source code. DC6688FLB Header files

2) Modify the settings in Keil environment, refer to software 'Source Code Template' which generate the corresponding template for this product.

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Application Note: Topic: Latest version:
AppNote000 Software Development Notice DC6688_AN000_Rev4.6.pdf
AppNote001 Using Counter A to generate a 38.4KHz carrier frequency DC6688_AN001_272.pdf
AppNote002 Using Port A interrupt to detect key press DC6688_AN002_273.pdf
AppNote003 Use Timer 1 to internally count pulses generated by CounterA DC6688_AN003_274.pdf
AppNote004 Use Timer 0, 1, 2 as counter DC6688_AN004_275.pdf
AppNote005 Design Guide for the clock circuit with a crystal below 1MHz DC6688_AN005_231.pdf
AppNote006 Design Guide for the clock circuit with a crystal above 1MHz on DC6688 Family DC6688_AN006_232.pdf
AppNote012 UART 0, UART1 serial communication DC6688_AN012_278.pdf
AppNote024 Software UART (Receive part) DC6688_AN024_281.pdf
AppNote025 T24 Interval Timer Mode DC6688_AN025_284.pdf
AppNote026 Access Real Time Clock DS1337 using DC6688FSA DC6688_AN026_282.pdf
AppNote027 ISP Programming circuit DC6688_AN027_191.pdf
AppNote031 Calling c/assembly library in Keils assembly environment DC6688_AN031_438.pdf
AppNote039 Create Customer Information file in Factory programming DC6688_AN039_253.pdf
AppNote044 Demo program on how to access Data Flash Memory and display the contents of 512B-SRAM in emulator DC6688_AN044_285.pdf
AppNote045 Remote Control Unit Demonstration DC6688_AN045_287.pdf
AppNote046 Single and Learning Remote Control Demonstration DC6688_AN046_292.pdf
AppNote047 Manage firmware in DC6688FSX for a project DC6688_AN047_435.pdf
AppNote071 Secure Restoration of Default Settings to EEPROM/Data Flash during power up DC6688_AN071_Rev1.2.pdf
AppNote072 Calculating stack size DC6688_AN072_470.pdf
AppNote106 Troubleshooting DC6688_AN106_Rev1.3.pdf
AppNote122 Standard Reflow Profile for Standard Lead-Free Packages DC6688_AN122_536.pdf