DC6388 Family

DC6388 is a Microcontroller Unit designed for handheld product application with LCD display. It is manufactured in advanced CMOS process with Super 1T CPU core, embedded flash memory, on-chip LCD driver / controller and peripherals suitable for LCD IR remote controller. As Flash memory is adopted in the MCU, firmware programming and upgrading (In System Programming) can be implemented which can significantly reduce development cycle time and dead inventory..

Various flash memory sizes are available for user from 8KB to 32KB. The DC6388 has built-in data flash memory to store real time data and the function is similar to external EEPROM. The MCU can be set as Run, Idle, Stop and Backup modes. With built-in Low Voltage Detection and Reset circuits, it  is functioning from 1.5v to 3.6v and the power consumption is very low.

FD series

DC6388FD new