DC6688 Family

DC6688 is a highly integrated, application specific Micro Controller Unit (MCU) family designed for battery operated handheld applications. Based on reliable and low voltage operated flash memory embedded for user program and data.

Various flash memory sizes are available for user from 2KB to 128KB. The MCU embedded flash memory allows for new programs and content changes on the chip, this innovation eliminates the worry of a chip becoming obsolete due to outdated or incorrect programming. In fact, the program memory can be accessed by a simple serial bus and therefore In System Programming (ISP) can be implemented on the target system and late programming, upgrade or even model change are possible after production assembly.

The DC6688 has built-in data flash memory to store real time data and the function is similar to external EEPROM. The MCUs are designed with bit-programmable I/O port, high current drive for LED and interrupt function for keypad design. In addition, dedicated carrier frequency generator (Counter A) is equipped for IR remote application.

The MCU can be set as Run, Idle, Stop and Backup modes. With built-in Low Voltage Detection and Reset circuits, the DC6688  is functioning from 1.5v to 3.6v and the power consumption is very low.