Application Note for DC6688FSX

Application Note

Title AppNote Revision Type Size Date
Using Counter A to generate a 38.4KHz carrier frequency AN001 1.6 PDF/Software 300K 2012/8
Using Port A interrupt to detect key press AN002 1.5 PDF 280K 2012/8
Use Timer 1 to internally count pulses generated by CounterA AN003 1.4 PDF/Software 290K 2012/8
Use Timer 0, 1, 2 as counter AN004 1.4 PDF/Software 430K 2012/8
Design Guide for the clock circuit with a crystal above 1MHz on DC6688 Family AN006 1.15 PDF 160K 2012/4
Remote Control Unit Demonstration AN008 2.3 PDF/Software 5.3M 2019/4
UART 0, UART1 serial communication AN012 1.3 PDF/Software 310K 2008/9
Access Real Time Clock DS1337 using DC6688FSX AN026 1.1 PDF/Software 820K 2012/8
ISP Programming circuit AN027 1.0 PDF/Software 200K 2008/9
Calling c/assembly library in Keil’s assembly environment AN031 1.8 PDF/Software 7.5M 2012/9
Migration from DC6688FSA to DC6688FSX AN035 1.0 PDF 390K 2008/6
Demo program on how to interface SPI Bus Serial EEPROM using hardware SPI AN036 1.2 PDF/Software 1.4M 2018/6
Demo program on how to interface Temperature Sensor LM95071 using hardware SPI AN037 1.0 PDF/Software 2.5M 2012/8
Create Customer Information file in Factory programming AN039 1.2 PDF 140K 2018/6
Calculating stack size AN072 1.0 PDF/Software 330K 2014/8
Troubleshooting AN106 1.3 PDF 190K 2019/3
Use Timer 2 as output square wave generator AN108 1.0 PDF/Software 580K 2016/1
Standard Reflow Profile for Standard Lead-Free Packages AN122 1.1 PDF 300K 2017/12
Generating non-carrier IR format AN127 1.0 PDF/Software 580K 2017/11