Product Document

To start development, DC6688FL32 Datasheet must be studied.

Our Product provides In-System Programming. There are two methods available:

1) SPI

2) SL

User is no need to develop its own tooling for programming the chip, as the necessary toolings are already available. Details refer to:

Phase II: Chip Level Verification

Phase III: Mass Production

On programming, instructions used in DC6688FL32 are 8051-based.


In addition to the above documents, some technical issues have to take into consideration:

1) In hardware design, the following documents have to review:

Design Guide for the clock circuit with a crystal above 1MHz on DC6688FL32

Design Guide for the clock circuit with a crystal below 1MHz on DC6688FL32


2) Additional Information:

Software Development Notice


In order to speed up the learning process, here is a list of example source code available.


DC6688FL32 is primarily designed for Remote Control Application. To develop this kind of application, user can refer this example.