Overview of Product Development using DC6688FL32


Software design is started based on DC6688FL32 documents and toolings.


Product prototype is built for functionality checking.


Final Product is produced with In-System-Programming.

Phase I: Product development

In order to shorten development cycle, we provide the necessary documents and basic toolings for user. It is recommended to go through item 1, 2, and then 3 below.

Documents and Toolings for customer:

1) Product Document
  It is advised to go through all techincal documents before software design.
2) Assembler/Compiler
  To start writing your source code, an assembler/compiler is needed.
  a) Keil
  To manage the source code in a more effective way as the number of projects grow up, here provides a number of tips to make your life easier.
3) A) Emulator
  Most of the time, after writing the source code, we don't know whether the program run exactly what we want. To order to speed up completing the source code, it is good to use emulator to debug your program. Here we can provide emulator for program debug.
  a) DEEMAX 80532-4T emulator, and
  b) DC66XXF developer III board ver3.0
  a) WUIT
  B) Evalution Board
  In addition to the emulator, user can choose evaluation board and directly download to the IC to see the result. It is simple and straight forward.
  a) DC6666F-EVK
  Download the code to the IC can refer to phase II - Chip level verification.

Phase II: Chip level verification

Here we provide the necessary documents and basic tooling for user. It is recommended to go through item 1, and then 2 below.

Toolings for customer:

1) Assembler/Compiler
  After completing phase I, we come to test your application. At this moment, the sample for your application should be ready such that our IC can put on it for QA test.
Now, what you have to do is to download your source code in intel hex format to our IC. The hex file is generated by Assembler/Compiler.
  a) Keil
2) Programmer
  The next step is to download the source code to IC by using our programmer.
  a) ISP Programmer ver1.3, or
  b) DC6688SLP
  a) ISP Programmer

Phase III: Mass Production

Service and Toolings for customer:

1) IC Factory Programming
  a) MOQ: contact our sales for detail
2) Programmer
  a) DC6688SLP, or
  b) GANG Programmer
  a) ISP Programmer
3) Model Reader